How to Foam Roll Your Muscles

Who needs a massage therapist when you have a foam roller?! Well, probably most of us. (I know I still do!) But that certainly doesn’t invalidate the importance of caring for your body on your own.

Foam rolling (which is a form of self-massage) is a fantastic way to bring your body back into balance. It can help to work out knots and soreness, and will also help stimulate lymph – thus boosting your immune system!

If you’re anything like I was before I became involved in fitness, you may not have a clue what to do with a foam cylinder. So the folks at Greatist put together a handy infographic that explains everything in layman’s terms!

Focus on your form when you’re rolling out your muscles (don’t let any part of your body sag or torque) and don’t overdo it on any one section of your body at one time.

Foam Rolling Infographic

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Who’s ready to roll?!

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