I Wonder What My Neighbors Must Think

It’s something I do wonder quite often. What must my neighbors think of my homesteading ways? Do they think I’m strange when I cut the front yard with my reel mower? What must they think when I hang all my laundry out on the clothesline? Do they wonder about the piles of dirt, leaves, and food scraps in the backyard? Maybe they’re curious about the big white barrel attached to our downspout.

Hanging Clothes out to Dry

I wonder if they are curious or if they simply write me off as a hippie.

My initial response might be that I don’t really care one way or the other. And truly, if someone wants to just write me off as a lunatic, that’s OK. I’m secure enough in my own life decisions to not let that affect me. But I think if I’m completely honest, I want them to be curious.

I Want to Be a Catalyst for Change

It’s a desire of my heart to spread life in whatever shape, form, fashion, or package it comes in. Flowers blooming, encouraging words spoken, immune systems being built up naturally, fresh air flowing through open windows, soil being built, natural resources being saved, creativity abounding.

I think back to my first exposures to real food. It began with a friend who was taking a distance learning nutrition course talking about the importance of organic milk. Sounded important to me. I started buying organic milk, carrots, grapes, etc. Then another friend and mentor explained the pasteurization and homogenization processes to me. It was all so very complicated at the time, and it mostly went in one ear and out the other. But the fact that it was important to these two friends was still impressed upon me.

I was being primed for my complete 180 degree nutrition change that would come just months later.

So it’s not my goal to convince every random person I meet that their way of life sucks and they should abandon everything they’ve ever known to embrace something different.

I want to plant and water seeds of change in anyone who is willing to listen or notice.

I Want Them to Notice

Here’s the deal. I don’t want to be different just for the sake of being different. Or anti-establishment. Or judgmental against those who don’t choose to live the way my husband and I do.

But I do want it to be obvious that I am different from most of society today. If any philosophy, concept, or precept is important to you, shouldn’t it run it’s course through the whole of your life? And shouldn’t it also then be obvious to other people that those philosophies, concepts, or precepts are guiding your choices and your actions?

Of course, you can take that to it’s logical conclusion and berate me for using toilet paper when I challenge other readers to commit to not buying anything disposable for a month. Such a hypocrite, I know. (Sarcasm there, in case you were wondering.) But hopefully we can all see the point I’m trying to make about being different.

If the majority of people are fat, sick, and nearly dead, don’t you want to differentiate yourself from them? Don’t you want to make as many choices as possible that will lead to life, health, & fitness? 

That’s the goal in my life. I want LIFE! And I want other people to notice and want the same.

What about you? Do your neighbors think you’re weird? What do you think about that?

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