Taking Your Dairy Beyond Organic

This is a guest post by chiropractic student – and good friend of mine – James Beuerlein. He’s redonkulously smart, speaks seven languages (3 of them fluently), and knows how to deliver a baby in the back of a cab (you know, just in case. But thankfully his mad vehicle delivery skills haven’t been needed yet). Thanks, James, for writing up an awesome post for Laurel of Leaves! 

Many of you out there in reader-land may have already heard of a brand new dairy product called “Amasai.” If not, keep reading, because this stuff will change your life. Health-conscious people are becoming rightfully more and more skeptical of the quality of the dairy in the local grocery (even organic!) – and with good reason. Amasai is in a completely different class.

Amasai GreenFed Cultured Dairy Beverage from Beyond Organic

While most states outlaw the sale of raw milk for human consumption, even with the research showing all of it’s amazing benefits, Amasai offers all of those same benefits and more, without the harmful effects of high-temperature pasteurization and homogenization.

Amasai is named after the African Masai tribe – renowned for their health, longevity, and utter dietary dependence on beef and dairy (excuse the pun, I couldn’t help it) – whose old-world style of culturing is used to produce this amazing beverage. Yes, Amasai is “pasteurized,” but rather than the super-high heat flash-pasteurization that denatures all of the beneficial proteins and enzymes – causing them to become carcinogenic and toxic – Amasai is slow pasteurized and is never heated above the cow’s own body temperature. This leaves it chock-full of terrific protein and enzymes that aid in digestion.

Amasai is also cultured with over 30 strains of probiotics, which add nutrients, promote digestive tract health, and provide enzymes to break down the milk itself. One reason that this is so important is that humans do not make the enzyme necessary to break down lactose! That’s right, technically all of us are “lactose intolerant,” though we may not have the severe outward manifestations that others have. The probiotic strains cultured with Amasai, however, do provide this enzyme (called lactase), which enables us to digest the milk with ease.

Another feature that sets Amasai apart is that the breed of cow chosen for milking does not produce the same allergy-causing protein (A1 beta-casein) that causes most of milk allergies. Many people who are allergic to milk are mistakenly labeled “lactose intolerant” when it is actually an allergy to this protein which is at fault. These last two facts alone mean that the dairy in Amasai is safe and beneficial for essentially everyone to consume – even those who know that they are lactose-intolerant or allergic to milk!

Not only is this product superior for the reasons listed above, but the company that produces it – Beyond Organic – sees to it that the cows are treated well. They have standards that are far beyond what even the majority of organic farmers do. The cows are only pasture grazed on non-chemically treated pastures their entire lives – never fed grain, never given hormones, antibiotics, or other medications. They are raised using Biblical standards and only milked when healthy.

Amasai tastes fantastic (similar to a kefir or yogurt) and comes in three different flavors: Original, Milk-and-Honey, and Raspberry. It’s hard to believe that there can be so much nutritional benefit in one delicious drink: a tremendous source of protein and beneficial enzymes, a source of good fats with healthy omega-ratio, essential amino acids, minerals, and probiotics.

I’m delighted that I was invited to write this guest-post for Laurel of Leaves, and I highly encourage you to check out more of the great products from Beyond Organic on her website. (Click here to visit the Beyond Organic site!) There you’ll be able to purchase Amasai as well as raw cheese, superior Green-Fed beef, and more. I recommend watching the informational video on the “Products” page for a more in-depth look at the other products.

So long, and until next time, I wish you blessings and good health!

Have you tried Amasai yet or any of the other Beyond Organic products? 

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