Euforia Cake Review & Coupon

Recently I was contacted to try some gluten-free Euforia Thousand Layer Cake. You might have seen it featured in Real Simple magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide. I can see the individually wrapped snack sizes being great for taking on the go or giving as party favors. They would look great tied to the outside of a Christmas gift as well.

Euforia Thousand Layer Cakes

What I Loved

With the first bite I was so glad to note that these cute little cakes weren’t sickly sweet! The flavors were subtle, but very delicious. I preferred the Vanilla flavor while my hubby liked the Spice. He compared the cake to layers and layers of crepes (which we love). The ingredients list? A simple eggs, butter, sugar, flour, milk, spice or vanilla, & salt. Impressive.

We tried the gluten-free versions, which contain no flour whatsoever. I’m not gluten intolerant, though I do like to avoid it. Plus I know that many of my readers are intolerant or downright allergic.

What I’m Not So Keen On

So here’s the deal. As much as I loved the light flavors and decadent layers, and as much as I appreciate the simple, natural ingredients (and believe me, I do!), refined sugar is still refined sugar. Pasteurized and homogenized milk is still terrible. Eggs from caged battery hens are lacking in nutrients. Refined salt is still refined salt. And none of those things are good for you! I’m glad to see sugar is not the first ingredient (it’s the third, right after eggs and butter), and it’s obviously not chock full of it since the cake itself isn’t sickly sweet.

Euforia Thousand Layer Cakes

On a spectrum, is refined sugar used sparingly in baked goods like this better than high fructose corn syrup? Yeah, it definitely is. Is it better than artificial sweeteners like Splenda? Absolutely! Does this list of ingredients blow anything that’s full of chemicals and preservatives out of the water? Duh! But would I prefer to splurge on baked goods that are sweetened with natural alternatives like honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, or stevia and use raw & sustainably sourced dairy & eggs? You know the answer is yes!

The Final Verdict

I may or may not buy these cakes for myself, but if someone sent them to me (which they did–thanks for that!) I would definitely eat them as part of a vacation meal and be thrilled to not feel gross afterwards. You know you’ve been there, too. You splurge on a decadent looking slice of cake at a party and almost immediately regret it as you slip into a sugar coma and develop a headache from the toxicity of the refined sugar & chemicals. Thankfully, Euforia cakes aren’t like this at all! If I’m going to splurge, I want it to taste like it’s worth it and not make me feel awful!

Euforia Thousand Layer Cakes

Want to Try Them for Yourself?

If you want to be the judge yourself, the folks at Euforia were generous enough to provide a coupon for $5 off their cakes! Just use the code euforia1k when checking out at their online store. The code is good through March, but you might want to use it right away for the holidays!

Do you have stipulations for vacation meals? How often do you splurge on sweets?