Lose the Shoes & Keep Your Head Up

Have you lost your shoes yet? Last week I introduced my new Lose the Shoes series where I’ll offer up a new barefoot & minimalist running tip each week leading up to my very first 5K race. I asked you what you wanted to know about barefoot running and heard lots of great ideas! I will be incorporating many of your questions (and my answers) in my series posts, but also on Facebook & Twitter, so make sure you’ve connected with me there as well.

Lose the Shoes: Barefoot & Minimalist Running Tips

The first thing you want to remember about barefoot running is that it’s not all about the feet. It’s actually best to start from the top and work your way down when ‘re-learning’ how to run properly. So your first tip is:

Keep your head & torso up

There are quite a few reasons to keep your head and torso upright when running:

  1. It sets the tone for good posture throughout your whole body.
  2. It opens up your lungs for more air.
  3. You face the direction you want to travel (which, I assume, is forward)
  4. You can actually SEE your surroundings.

Let’s be honest. Isn’t #4 a huge reason for running in the first place? There are plenty of ways to get fit and exercise. You might like running in place on a treadmill (I, for one, can’t stand it), but THIS is why I run:

Please excuse the huffing and puffing and bouncy video. Just bob your head along with it and pretend you’re running with me along a rural road in the Wairarapa region of New Zealand. The warm spring sun is shining after a week of rain & snow. Baby lambs are scattered throughout every paddock in the country. Life is good and you get to run through it!

Don’t miss out on what’s around you by hunching your head down and staring at your feet. Running shouldn’t be a chore that requires you to hunker down and just press through it. Chin up, my friend. You’ll breathe easier and enjoy it quite a bit more.

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